My first Solarplate prints

Here's a quick run through of the plates I printed for an exhibition I had in September 2010. I had been to an exhibition of beautiful Paul Kenny photographs called 'Mull Works' which fired my creativity.
After a brief search I found a beach on Mull which had some unusual rock formations, these would polish the shells on the beach to a finish I hadn't seen elsewhere. I selected the most interesting and photographed them, printed on to acetate sheets, and exposed with direct sun light (we had a great summer in 2010!) for between 1 minute 10 seconds and 3 minutes 30. Here's the process.......

Exposure photo on acetate

Exposure acetate fixed to Solarplate, exposure 1 minute and 20 seconds

The exposure starting to show through under warm water

Washing out the Solarplate

Second exposure to fix the plate

Ready for printing....

And finally, The print!

Calum Hall

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